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Eighteen years ago the idea was born to start a reliable company; dedicated to pump testing and supplying pumps which would service the ever-expanding groundwater business world.

Ten years prior to establishment, Pumpcor personnel were involved in various groundwater projects.

Through the years a close relationship was established with various groundwater-consulting companies throughout South Africa.

Pumpcor projects have been performed throughout Southern Africa, in particular the Southern, Western, Northern and Eastern Cape, parts of the Free State and Namibia.

A major part of Pumpcor's business is supplying and installing submersible pumps for municipalities, private developments and farmers. We are largely involved in the groundwater-testing field all over the country.

Pumpcor uses various sizes of positive displacement pumps for accurate yield testing projects.

The ever-developing need for reliable pump testing projects across the borders of South Africa created the need for much smaller pump units to be flown to various destinations where road transport is nonexistent. The latest technology is exercised to incorporate submersible pumps coupled to variable speed drives run through electronic and ultrasonic flow meters for accurate rate control, which makes pump testing through this system as accurate as positive displacement pumps.

Water level measurement utilizes the latest German technology by using transducers via data loggers fed by small computers; data can be processed in even the most remote areas.

Pump testing equipment for up to 30l/s installed to a depth of 100m and weighing less than 1000kg can be air freighted to any destination. A similar positive displacement system can weigh up to 5 tons.

Using the above systems various projects were performed in the goldfields of West Africa - Mali, Guinea, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many other countries have shown interest - Malawi, Tanzania and Central African Republic.

Environment friendly chemical treatment of blocked boreholes has been used with great success into the T.M.S. of the Southern and Eastern Cape. Some of these boreholes have increased their yield fourfold after treatment.

Throughout the years borehole pump recovery has become a great part of the business due to the fact that various recovery tools have been designed and built to recover pumps from almost any situation. By using an underwater camera the above process is facilitated.

Pumpcor is also involved in pumped in and constant head tests whereby various packers are used to seal off certain predetermined fracture zones. Packers are available for all popular size boreholes.

The latest techniques and special vehicles and equipment are used to make 15m boreholes in sandy conditions after which Johnson screens are installed to extract water from sand aquifiers. Steel tubing of up to 250mm is blown into the sand aquifier and after which Johnson screen or perforated PVC casing is installed, after which gravel packing is done and then steel casing removed, delivering the perfect borehole in the above conditions.

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